Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moving Forward and still Staying Connected.

She is off treatment, she is back at school, she is thriving. She even missed a class this week because she slept in... how normal is that?

So there is a part of me that wants to step out from under the Cancer World Cloud and move on. We are done, it is over there is no looking back. Wouldn't that be great. Wouldn't that be a perfect thing to do.  Any sane person would do so.  

But we Cancer Mom's are sort of like holocaust survivors. We might have not been in the camps (our kids were) but we carry the scars with us.  Our kids have the tattoos from radiation but we had to be there with them. We were there, we were trying to keep them alive and keep them sane and keep them safe. 

I want to flee and pretend it did  not happen.  I want to flee and pretend it won't return.  I want to think it is done.  But we all know it is never done.  No matter how far out, no matter what the research says... it is never over.   

Someone shared this little picture.  Sort of a reminder that it is never over. So I guess I have no choice but carry on. Work on a book. Do something great to fill the hole cancer dug in our lives.  We are strong and determined and nothing..... will keep us from doing everything we can with our lives.  Small steps.  Each more normal than the last. 

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