Friday, September 12, 2014

We All Have Our 9-11's

I am old enough tohave several "where were you when?" events in my life.  Some personal, some national. All life changing. 

John Kennedy's assassination
First Moon Landing

Cancer Diagnosis Day
Death of Father Day
Cancer Relapse Day

Transplant Day

Most are not days, most are moments but they forever change the landscape of our lives. 

Some times we don't realize the significance of a day or a time until long after it happens.  We can look back with great clarity and find the moment in time. The moment we should have known, the moment we could have known the seed was planted.  

We have many significant moments, hard impact moments, Lasts we did not recognize at the time.  We think there are going to be lots more chances and lots more days. 

I know I look at things differently.  I am much more concerned with this very moment.  I have seen too much to not be.  

I know there are limited tomorrows and no certainty. The moment of noticing the single humming bird as it locates a still juicy trumpet flower while the sun reflects off the feeder. 

We must never forget but we also have to keep going.  No matter how much chaos there is in our lives, the world keeps going forward.  See, I started this post on September 11 and now it is September 12th.  

Hoping for only good memory event creators. 

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