Monday, February 11, 2013

Guliany Our New Turkish friend

unfortunatly i'm the 4th person in this clinic -i mean double cord blood tranfer- but in our country there is no experience about that.. the doctor who is living in israil was recommended my transfer protocol.. my own doc. consulted him.. and i don't think that they made this special tests..
and also there is no flavoured water in markets :)) there is lots of brands of water but just still water.. i started to eat a little.. 
do you have any idea about if the engrafment not happen?he is my husband.. we got married just before 2 days ago of the relaps :( this photo taken this agust in my first remission.. now he is in ─░stanbul (has to work) and me at Kayseri.. 
i miss him so much..

I have been corresponding Guliany.  She had a double cord blood transplant about 16 days ago.  She reached out to me because she found the blog.  When I read this e-mail, I began to count my blessings.  

She is number 4 in her country to have a Double Cord Blood Transplant.  We are so so lucky to be in Seattle. 

Looking for anyone going to Turkey any time soon.  I want to send her some MetroMint Water..... 

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