Saturday, February 16, 2013

Level Three..... gluttons: First Treatment Way too much Chemo

The "great worm" Cerberus guards the gluttons, forced to lie in a vile slush produced by ceaseless

 foul, icy rain.   Just as lust has revealed its true nature in the winds of the previous circle, here the 

slush reveals the true nature of overindulgence in food and drink, but also other kinds of addiction.

Yes, been here.  Felt the foul, icy rain, the mud.

It all becomes way too much and one feels trapped under the paper, the internet research, the meetings and conferences the Waiting.  works, the endless blood tests, the endless..... shot, pill, procedures..

There are time we get to escape but sometimes it seem and is endless.  

There is so much about having a kid with cancer that we don't really understand and maybe go over board on things.  

We all have our "cause".  I am about the bad food service to the children at Seattle Children's Hospital.  Some are about the fact their child only has home tutoring for 18 weeks but cannot be in school and so she looses a year of school.  Some are bound and determined to remind those that park in the parking lot, they are a huge gigantic mega truck and not a  compact.

I have to admit to drinking way too much coffee.  It might have been a way for me to give myself some time away from the room where unspeakable, horrible things were being done to my child. 

We all have addictions.  Overzealous obsessions besides Purell and over cooked food.  

I have cut back on coffee.  I think it is a start on the way to escaping the icy rain and slimy.

Wonder what the Pope did?   

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