Friday, February 15, 2013

Lust....? Really. End of first Month when you lust after normal!! Dante must have been a Repulbican.

Second Circle (Lust)

Gianciotto Discovers Paolo and Francesca by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
In the second circle of Hell are those overcome by lust. Dante condemns these "carnal malefactors"[9] for letting their appetites sway their reason. They are the first ones to be truly punished in Hell. These souls are blown back and forth by the terrible winds of a violent storm, without rest. This symbolizes the power of lust to blow one about needlessly and aimlessly.

Lust.  I really think we have to re-thinking this.  Of all the things in the world, this is the second level. 

"Carnal Malefactors"  have to love those words.  How can you not.  But I am afraid part of this does apply.  Every parent in the world has felt the punishment, even if they didn't deserve it.

These souls are blown back and forth by the terrible winds of a violent storm, without rest.

Boy if that does not feel like our lives.  Some days there is just no relief.  And when you feel like you have escaped another gust comes again and batters you even worse. 

We have had one of those weeks.  It all resolved around food in one way or another.  

So ME is on several drugs that make her kidneys stupid.  She "wastes" magnesium.  So to fix that hole in the dike, she takes 1200 milligrams of the stuff and eats lots of popcorn and dark chocolate.  It also makes her very cautious about the amount of fiber she eats because it causes some very undesirable side-effects.  I am buying white bread for the first time since 1883.

She is going to be put on Rat Poison.  Warforin.  Lovely drug but it will let her body heal from all the shots and gigantic, continent size bruises.  No shots, that is good.  BUT the levels have to be steady.  Rat Poison inhibits Vitamin K which is made in your stomach.  So there are things you cann't eat like spinach and all other green leafy veggies.  Cranberry juice, avocado and soy lots of other things.  She can eat all those things but has to do so in the same amounts each day.  If she gets sick or more active that changes things.  She has to have a finger poke every three day until the levels are figured. 

Then one of her drugs has made her triglycerides go way way, sludge for blood, high.  So what should she eat to help with that:  Fruits Veggies, lots of greens, low carb, non-fat dairy.... Well lets see all the stuff you can eat here are eliminated by Rat Poison and Magnesium....

It is pretty much Brown Rice and Salmon, three leaves of spinach and some green tea, in regular measured amounts.

"What about pizza?"  Can you make it yourself with low fat ham and some non-fat cheese?
Oh, did I mention, low carb....

It was too much tormenting windy gales for one day.  She just went to bed and cried. 

"Mom, I do everything right.  I take my meds, I follow all, well most of the rules and now this.  I am afraid to eat anything!"

Pancakes, no butter, no bacon for breakfast.  I won't talk about dinner.

She feels under attack.  We will spend a bit of time working on finding out what works...  French bread has no fiber.  Salmon is wonderful.  A bit of white rice won't kill her. 

On a better note, no asteroid hit the earth.  That would have ruined our day.

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