Thursday, August 15, 2013

General Doctor Confusion.

So Children's wants to kick Mary-Elizabeth to the adult world.  Seems like a huge and awful scary step.  More for me than for her.  I love the way Children's coordinates everything and adult world is a crazy awful mess.  They don't sedate for bone marrows or IT's they don't even give adults Ports  and Hickmans.  I think it is because adult cancer is often caused by adult choices and the insurance companies want to make adults suffer.  "You smoked, you don't get to have an easy time with cancer. It is your fault you lived so long.  Die or suffer it is your choice." 

To complicate matters she is returning to college.  Certain types of doctors are not in Spokane or of the same caliber as the Seattle bunch.  But until  you have tried to see an endocrinologist or schedule an appointment for an adult hematologist you don't understand the problems.  As I said, Adult medicine is a drag.  To make it worse, the new doctors have no idea what has happened to her or understand what is involved.  Nightmare....

Okay Sally Breath.... just breath. Lots of people have to return to their communities and educate the general medical population.  Someone is Spokane will be able to figure it out.  Someone will write the prescriptions and some pharmacy will not screw up the names.  Evidently one normal pharmacy dispensed Tacrolimus instead of Sirolimus because they sounded the same.


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