Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh Dear...

Cancer World is full of sick children and adults.  It is a place of good things and many bad things.  It is most of all a place of Sadness for many.  Those who have cancer and those that know those with cancer.  Some win a reprieve only to be battered later.  People really really only want to hear the happy stuff. 

Today is not about us directly.  It is about someone we love.  

Alistaire had AML  she relapsed and then had a bone marrow transplant.  They just found .06 % of bad cells in her bone marrow.  It is exhausting to know what this family has gone through.  It is so hard to know this is back.   Recently Alistaire asked her mom when she was going to be a big girl. 

I have know words but Jai seems to have words left to let us look at Cancer World in a deeply meaningful way.

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