Sunday, August 18, 2013

Working on Normal... But failing in weird ways.

Universe is all out of whack.  We keep putting on step in front of the other but still it is all weird.  It seems the same, we are doing the same sort of things, we are making the efforts but still..... off.

Mary-E is getting ready for school.  This is more like the first time she went.  We are old hat at this now but still it is different.  Sort of Alternate Universe type off.  She has packed the "stuff" the Kitchen Stuff, the bathroom stuff, the bedroom stuff and then there is the "Stuff". 

The special "stuff".  The creams, the meds, the small set of drawers to keep it all organized.  Granted she is down to only one page of meds but they are powerful and magical and major potions.  They come with pages of instructions and lots and lots of concerns.  It takes a team of specialists to handle them.  When she had a cough and we had only "citrus" flavored cough drops, it took three pharmacists to determine if she could take them because she can't have any Grapefruit. 

When we get to Spokane we have bunch of appointments.  Dream, Doctors, and so forth and so on.... 

I am so reminded of the Ray Bradbury short story.  The man goes back in time to hunt a dinosaur.  He steps off the path and accidentally kills a butterfly.  He returns and the world is slightly off. 

We are slightly off.  Best Example.  My car is parked in a clean garage.....  

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