Saturday, August 24, 2013

We are all waiting....

For something. 

It is results, the next scan, the next blood draw, the next e-mail, text, season to start, school to start, phone to ring.  It is always something. 

Some are better at waiting than others.  Some hit the wheel of the car at the intersection.  Some are snarcky with their mother because they are waiting to return to school. Some are waiting for friends to come visit or leave. 

I have found lots of life is lots of wasted time if you don't multi-task during waiting. I have spent much of my waiting time to work on needlepoints, a 1001 cranes, lots of letters.  Lots of seasons of the Big Bang.

Sometimes it is good to just sit with the waiting and make friends with her.  Just be mindful of how you are feeling.  Just sit and be with Waiting. Be ready for nothing, something or often times, mixed results.  It is often not enough to wait.  It is often not enough to pray or to ponder and try and figure out how to fix things.  Some things are just out of your hands.

My daughter often says I am not patient. She is a keen observer.  I am not patient.  I am very good at looking a situation over, evaluating it and getting ready to move on.  I am most often pushing and pulling rather then waiting. 

I work every day on just being mindful of what needs to happen, knowing stuff does not happen and just being here and now. 

I will try again today.

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