Sunday, August 25, 2013

People are just Stupid....

Yes, people are not very bright. 

I watched yesterday when the people all were running around.  From what I understand, they were confused about what time a wedding was supposed to start. 

Sally was sure it was 7:00.  She was having a great afternoon with her friend Anne getting ready.  All of a sudden Margaret came rushing in and announced the start time was 5:30.....  Crap......  words came rushing out of Sally's mouth in unusual rapidity.

They left the back door open.  I like when they do that.  I can leave and life is good.  I have lots to guard in the back yard and the front.  Despite my best efforts, things come into the yard.  The squirrels, the birds, the cats.  The front is worse,  dogs drag their people across the front of the house all the time.  They even have been known to pee on occasion.   The horror....  Okay. Back to yesterday.

Well Tucker and I hung out.  No food. No dinner, no supervision.  It was apparent we had been abandoned.  Maybe forever. Maybe we would never have our humans back again.  They were going to wedding and heaven only knows what that might be.  Maybe it was the last time they were going to be seen.

Tucker and I did the best we could.  We barked, we protected, we were on guard.  We slept.  We do a lot of that.  My favorite place to sleep is on Mommy's bed.  It has down pillows and comforters.  Prime sleeping place.  Tucker has to sleep in the living room because he is the oldest and I need my beauty sleep.

I headed into the bedroom and jumped up on the stool.  Only this time, it had the lid up.  I went in and the lid slammed shut.  

This was new in some ways, but not that new.  Since I was a puppy, people have put me in small confined spaces.  Sort of like an enclosed sleep cave.  Dark, cozy, a bit uncomfortable.  I went to sleep.

Heck I was doing just fine when people came home. They called me.  There was a fair amount of noise that went on for a couple of hours.  It has been my experience they find me eventually.  They asked Tucker where I was and then went to bed after driving around, listing me as missing and something about Craigslist.   Perhaps I should have said something, barked, whined but I was fine.

I settled in for the night.  But about 6:00 I wanted a drink and to go outside.  It had been about 8+ hours.  Tucker knew where I was and tried to wake up Sally.  She was having none of it.  Finally about 6:30 Sally figured it out.  I made some rustling noise, hate to bark too early she can be a bit of a grump.

She opened the box and squealed in joy. You would have thought I was lost or something!!!.

All I wanted was to go out and drink some water.  I also wanted to remind everyone I had not been fed last night!!!

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