Friday, August 16, 2013

Sometimes you do have to just let the Universe Play with you for awhile.

It is good that sometimes the pencil pushers don't win.  That is what happened with Mary-E.

For several months we had worked on making sure Judy Flumenhiger (not her name but it is such a fun one that I will be using variations on a theme for the next year.) took over her care during her Spokane time.  Dr. Judy was the one that helped us during the relapse discover and getting her back to Seattle in the nice plane.  She was the obvious choice in Spokane. 

We would have found a "regular" doctor  for her if she was not on 16 complicated medications, still tapering and not "there yet".  I was surprised to hear they wanted her to move all her doctors and change medical systems three weeks before she returned to college.   She does not need a doctor she needs and educated team.

They include:
1. Endocrinologist
2. Hematologist
3. Orthopedic back guy
4. Oncologist
5. Gastroenterologist
6. Ophthalmologist

and several other "gists"

Nightmare, Nightmare, Nightmare.

But.... sometimes if you wait and let the system work and spread enough jam around a phone call comes:

This is Dr. Hadelin( Doctor Tacrolomis). We think it is a very bad idea for you to get voted off the Island right now. We were able to get you approved for another year at Children's.  We will spend this next year making sure you find the right doctors and educate them.

Note to Self:

Prayers answered.
Breathing helps.
There is a God and I might take him out of the dog house soon.

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