Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It was not my Fault

Okay, so I don't really love her as much as I could.
I have told on her several times.
I do play with her on occasion and I am truly upset when she touches MY toys.
I am very protective of her. 
If another dog sniffs her butt, I intervene. 
I try very hard to keep other dogs from playing too hard and rough with her. 
So when the housekeepers left the food waste in a place that Lily could get into it, I told on her.  I kept trying to get Mary-Elizabeth to pay attention.

I have been told I need to be more like Lassie.  I don't know Lassie and I certainly am not a Collie.  

I tried to tell Mom Lily was fine. I even jumped on the box where Lily was sleeping.  I was the one that barked at the box and made Mom open it.  I am often scolded and Bad Dogged when I bark so I kept it low key. 

Lily was fine. I am fine.

I am sad and upset right now because I can tell my true love Mary-Elizabeth is leaving.  She has the big suitcases out.  She keeps telling me it is okay but I have seen this before.  It is a bad sign.  I am doing everything I can to keep her in the house but she is quick.  She can escape me because I am only a 25lb dog.  I have been extra barky and I hope people understand.  It is a hard time. 

As always I will survive.  I have been told I have to wait to something called Thanksgiving.  I can wait.!!!

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