Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Certain Days there is Space for me to do Certain things.

For the first time since transplant, I am leaving our house for what seems like long time.  I am truly going to be away.  We were in Eugene a whole lot of last summer but it was different because if need be, I could be home in 5 hours. The dogs were with me.   

Nothing huge.  This time time I am leaving the dogs, the house and someone is taking up residence for the entire time we are gone. I have taken this time as a time to clean out a few things.  One of them is my voice mail.  

As everyone knows, I am terrible about listening to messages.  I just look and call back.  Seems like we can cut to the chase.  Seems like a good thing.  So I took some time and cleared some messages. They are stingy about how many you can have at one time.   I listened to the first few messages on the rest.  I have three or so very very old messages of Mary-E as a child and one or two from Mom.  I have a few from my sibs but the most difficult are the ones from our Dad..... That voice, that bit of humor and whimsy, that call made to point fun at some sort of item in the news, a serious point to be discussed about a legal issue or just to say hello.  I could not bring myself to listen.  Just hearing the voice, for a few minutes was enough.  For now.

There has been lots of discussion about the new Cancer Kid movie coming out this summer. It seems to pop up everywhere.  I made the compromise and watched 50/50. Someone needs to tell the peeps in Hollywood that when the hair goes, it also means the eyebrows and the lashes....  I would give it a 4 out of 10.  Love the people. Story written by someone with a book and no real cancer world experience.

So I The Fault is in the Stars appears again.  Yes again today.  I protest. I look at another web page.  There is a secret Facebook page for moms and caregivers only. Have to be added, have to be approved. Have to know the secret handshake and have the correct browser.  They have teamed up with another organization that listed some of there projects... 

I hit a link and found this...

This is real. This does have the real ending. Hollywood should make this into a movie.  

Now we are off for a bit of an adventure....  

Seattle to?????

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