Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wind Is Blowing us East.

serious serious wind...
Whistles through the trees, what few there are and pushes us East.

We did a good amount of driving yesterday.  We are having to change one of our stops which will change  some others but then we are good at dealing with side affects.  

So we head for our first unplanned but must do Spam Museum.  I have not seen a single sign heading us to this discover.  We are good explorers and we will find, devour and shop in the gift store.  

Then off the Niagara.  No Racine.  They just opened the Johnson and Johnson headquarters building to tours and they are all full into fall.  I am not the only one that wants to see it.  Oh well.  Who knew?  I guess lots of Frank freaks.  So we will re-route and see were we go.  I think we will be heading down from here and over.  We will have to push it to be there tonight but then we will see. 

Still driving 80, on red roads... flatish land.  We are going through lots of reservations of the Plains Indians.  Same observation, bad houses, piles of cars, Great Horses..... As we go and see this place, it makes you ponder what the Indians must have thought. I understand why they fought for their land. The most puzzling for them would have been why we wanted the land. 

How hard would it be to loose this great vast space, life giving land full of buffalo and fish and fowl and we wanted to dig holes and find gold.  Something they did not value and from the looks of their places their values are still different.  They have lost so so much of their culture but the horse is still cared for in a special way... 

Makes you think.  Makes me sad. Makes me wonder.  It is nice to be on this trip and see so much of the country still thriving and growing and not totally destroyed and polluted...

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