Monday, May 26, 2014

All the Power in the World is often not enough

There is a secret place on Facebook called Momcology.  It has places for parents of children with cancer to exchange ideas and thoughts and ask the really hard questions like "Am I the only person that gained weight during my child's treatment?" "Should I be worried that my child has lots of bruises on her body?"  "My doctors thinks I am nuts but I think there is something wrong.  Should I insist on going to see the doctor?"

Because these groups are growing and becoming more known to the Cancer World Moms, we are learning more an more about each other. Part of it is not good.  Part is very very sad.  Kids that have come to the end of their options.  They are just done.  Or as Tracy used to say, "They are going to have a do-over." We are getting to know the other part of the statistics, the 20% that don't make it. The 60% that fail at transplant..... the 50% that relapse and die.  It is sometimes more than any one person can handle. 

Endless posts of parents in pain.  No options, no other treatments, no answers.  We all have plans for our kids.  First day of school, First Communion, First Prom. First boy/girl friend. First time behind a wheel. Firsts.  Never in our wildest dreams do we have plans to buy a dress of a casket or discuss with a 16 year old what they want to do before they die.   We just don't know how to face the world without them.  

So so many people have to do that, despite the best efforts of the combined knowledge of the scientific and spiritual world.  We (and I say we as the greater part of humanity) lose kids every single day.  Little lives end every day.   What is so scary about Cancer Kids is often when they die, there is a bit of relief in the knowledge they are no longer suffering.  Suffering they do.  These kids are beacons of strength and courage and perseverance.  We use military language to describe them: Trooper, Soldiering on.  They show us everyday how important it is to live for each moment because they are facing their last. 

As we drove across the country we were amazed at the power and forces of nature. Knowing the ravages of time and momentum and dynamism shaping our world even today. 

Simple forces, heat, wind, water, pressure, fire, earthquakes. All engaged to create the things we gaze at in wonder.  
I think we need to be patient.  It took thousands and millions of years for these places to take shape.  Cancer will take a long time to cure and better prevent. 

Still I hate Cancer.

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