Friday, May 16, 2014

Dark Side of the Moon..

Sun again. A bit of sun.  We are finally at the end of Eastern Journey.  We swing around the back side of the falls and head back West.
Frankly I was a  bit disappointed at the falls last night.  We of Western blood are not used to seeing falls quite like this.  From here we are on the top looking down.  I was raised with  Bridle falls, Yellowstone falls,
Snoqualmie falls.  They come to us from mountains high above.   This is something where the water just falls, over a cliff and we are level with them .  the mist was also in the way and the huge Midwest thunderstorm.

The sun woke me about 6 am and I was pleased to see that the mist settled down, and I began to watch the water, the never ending water fall, plunge, leap, did I mention fall, down the horse shoe cliff.  The river is Mississippi wide and smooth and the rapids are short and tentative.  I can imagine it must have been a surprise to see it from river level the first time.  As I look at the people walking by this morning, the size is confirmed.  I will be wearing my new Cowboy rain coat.  I will be seeing it up close.  I will be a grand adventure to our trip.  Our swing around will be eventful as we head back to our home, crossing the country licity split.

This time it is about seeing people we love and care about.  Part of our people that have been with us for so long. Deeply held and valued friends.

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