Sunday, May 25, 2014

I think Cancer is Like Spam

We don't want it.  We can deal with it if we have it. We can make something wonderful out of it if it is our only option. We don't know what it really is but we know it is real. Bits and pieces all put together with research and procedures and endless tests and scans. 

It comes in a lot of flavors. But is really is the same.  

A hunk of gelatinous meat stuff.  Lots of people have experience with it.  It has touched all of our lives.  It is scary and mysterious. Those who have embraced it seem to understand and know what to do with it. Those on the outside are just plain frightened.  

Sometimes is is just all you have and you will make the best of it.  Sometimes it fails you.  The little do-hicky on the can breaks.  You just don't have the pineapple chunks to mix with it or you are out of white bread and yellow mustard. Sometimes people make fun of you. They don't realize you don't have a choice.  It is what you have and you have to make it work. 

The really crazy part of it, is it lasts for ever.  Darn near forever or what seems forever. We visited the Spam Museum and the expiration date on the items we purchased are January 2017..... 

Some are lucky to escape and leave the cans of Spam behind for others to deal with.  Some never leave it behind. Some have to come visit again and again, in an endless loop of cans or now in Singles...
SPAM<sup>®</sup> Single Classic

We feel we are ready to leave it behind.  We know we are really really close to the end of this part of our journey.  

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