Saturday, May 24, 2014

Slightly Different

McDonalds is everywhere.
Gas is really cheap as you drive East. 
Food is really cheap as you drive East.
There are not real veggies in the middle of the country.  Most of the time I thought I was eating in Seattle Children's Hospital Cafeteria.

Here is an example of a Low Fat Healthy Choice:

There are lots of things to buy.  Fudge is ubiquitous.  Good Coffee is not. 

Barns in Illinois are different than in Iowa.  Iowa barns had quilt squares on them.  Illinois had weird barns. 

Trucks drive differently in each state.  Hate Kansas and Ohio and Missouri, they don't have to stay on the right except for passing and they are really trying to get somewhere.  So you don't have any idea when they are going to jump out and cause trouble. 

Back to coffee.  OMG.  Nothing. The entire state of South Dakota has not Starbucks (my least favorite).  I did find that if you go into a McDonalds in Missouri and ask for just shots, nothing else, it is almost drinkable.  That is how far I slipped.  

Dogs in Missouri are better behaved than in Seattle. 

Missouri smells like freshly turned dirt and Kansas smells like

Donuts are everywhere. People eat them and are not ashamed. 

We went on a big adventure but like most of life it was made up of very small things of great wonder.  We took time to observe.  

Still looking for  Moose, a funnel cloud and a White Castle Burger.  

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