Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maybe today we are able to continue the Taper

So we are at the point where things are really stable and have been for quite awhile.  Little GVH skin flairs every now and then. Some GVH in the scalp, but over all good. 

She has been on steroids, sometimes really really high doses for more than two years. Gut issues, skin issues.  Blood clots, Kidney stuff, Dead bone in leg issues. The usual, unsexy sort of stuff. 

But today we meet with Dr. Carpenter our lovely handsome kangaroo eating doc and I am putting my foot down.  We are done with cancer and post transplant crap.  I have not decided what to take him as a bribe but I will think of something.  Maybe something from the Spam Museum...

So while I have not had a tone of anxiety about this appointment, it has been sitting on my shoulder being irritating.  Today I intend to kill it...

Update at 11
Just one of the many curves in the road we have traveled. 

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