Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ground Hog Day

I love the movie Ground Hogs Day.  Every day is slightly different until you get right.  What a great concept but like many things it is not a reality. We might be repeating but each day we have to move forward.  I am beginning to see some repetitive challenges in my life and I am not amused.

So, we will try and get away from the drama.  No more cancer in the family.  No more joint replacements in the family.  No more trauma and the ensuing drama.  We need some time away from all of it but then I feel like a traitor because there are some many people that are still in the repeat mode. 

We take a few steps further away from treatment and appointments and do some normal things.  Look for dresses, look for shoes, look forward to moving beyond the 1 hour bubble.  Even while doing all of that, there is a pull. A need to look back over our shoulders to see how everyone else is doing.

Yesterday we were shoe shopping, or I should say Mary-E was shoe shopping.  (Her wide feet must be from her father.) She wanted (she gets to pay) new white sandals.  While shopping we found these shoes.  Katie Elliot has decided to wear ruby slippers until she is done with cancer.  She did not know they were now summer appropriate.
We are moving forward with the ability to handle most everything because we have had so much practice.  Every person, every event, every moment of doubt and despair helps you either deal with your own trials or someone else's.  While we move forward and repeat our days we are always looking  back to make sure someone behind us is not in need of help or sparkly shoes.

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