Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Remember When

Life was not about cancer and side affects or is it effects,

When we only had one kind of phone,

When all cars used some sort of liquid that went into the tank,

There were only three channels and no remote control,

No one had a blender, a food processor,  a chopper, a wand blender,  a juicer, a Vitamix and a Bullet,

Salad came in heads,

There was just one kind of car seat,

We only skied and tubed,

Salt was not any color other then white,

We did not know how bad McDonalds was for us,

We used sun tanning lotion and not sun screen,

We read books that had covers and pages,

We watched movies in the theater,

Steam came out of kettles and not from washing machines,

Parking spots were not compact, regular, electric charging or now...

Only in Seattle.

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