Monday, May 20, 2013

Sometimes Dreams come true we are waiting for the the next bit of great news.

WE had an appointment today. Things are so good we don't have to go back for 28 days.  A month, 2 fortnights,40,320 minutes. So what great news!  Now we have to call if she something comes up. So we have to watch for spots and bumps and other things that cause worry.  Pimples, weird food craving, sudden growth of purple and pink hair, a desire to clean the basement.. that sort of thing.  Mostly we have finally reached the point most people reach on day 100.  I will take it.  I will make sure we enjoy every one of these 28 days. 

My focus is shifting to help mom work on moving to the Senior Dorm and recovering from impending hip surgery.  She is a tough bird and we all expect her recover to "exceed expectations" I also am aware there are huge risks in any operation.  Mom is very clear on her wishes and she is going to be fine.  That is my story and I am sticking with it.  I also always have an uneasy feeling in my gut about the whole thing.  I know too much.  She will be fine. It will be fine. Fine I say, Find I say.

It is good.  We were able to see Kaylin today. She is in love with Justin Beiber and he met with her when he was here.  It made her really really happy but what made me happy today was to see her walk into the hospital. Since September 2011, I had never seen her out of one of those large jogging strollers. We saw her today and it was wonderful. 
 You would not recognize her.  She is coming off prednisone and her face is going back to normal but best of all her hair is getting really really long.  What a great gift.
So now we wait for the results on Alistair.  She is a special little friend of ours we hold in our hearts and squeeze with all our power.  This is a much loved little girl and her relapse was so so awful for everyone.  When I told M-E she went completely silent.  She went to her dark and quiet place.  It took a while for her to return.  When she did we delivered a Bitty Baby.  Nothing more we could do but pray but always good to have a distraction while waiting.   We visited for a few minutes today and are waiting to hear she is in an acceptable kind of remission for a transplant.  Her cancer (AML) is particularly uncooperative sometimes.  It does not like being poked and prodded. But transplant is the only option and there has to be a bit of a miracle for that to happen. 
I thing we are due for a few Miracles.  I need one for her.  


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