Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Road To Transplant

I never wanted Mary-E to have a transplant.  We had watched our friend Elise go through the process and it was horrific.  GVH, Mouth Sours, the pain, the side effects (or is it affects), the meds, the pain, did I mention the pain.

I so did not want her to go through transplant that I argued with the poor new fellow John Carter when he told me that was what was happening.  I knew a Double Hickman meant transplant.

But, once you realize it is the only chance, the only way your child will survive, the only option in this day and age, you want it so so badly. It is the only thing you can think about.  Is it possible, can you make it, will it work.

But.  You have to get there.  They make you jump through hoops and crawl through tunnels and into deep basements with spiders and giant scary things.  There are endless tests and lots of hard hills and mountains to climb. 

The irony is your child has to be in perfect health.  There has to be nothing wrong. There has to be no problems with organs or cavities or.....This with children who have been radiated, injected with massive amounts of chemical that make them sick.  No colds, no apparent infections, no cells wandering around trying to cause problems.

You are so so careful because you want it so much.  They make the bar really high so you want it.  They make you beg for it, pay for it, pray for it. 


Transplant is a saving grace.  It is the one method of treatment that can save your child.  These docs don't like to loose. They want to save every single little person.  Transplant has given them a tool.  It is the last life boat leaving the Titanic.

15 months after transplant, I am finally being able to look back and see progress.   Real progress.  I know there are challenges and there are lots of scary things in the future.  But transplant and only transplant give us that future.

Alistaire, our sweet lovely child and her family are trying to merge on to this road.  They have been shown the on ramp and are being told they Might have a chance to join, maybe, if they are good and universe agrees.

They have only one road to take.  We are all prayer the ramp clears of all traffic and construction and other
obstacles and are able to move forward.

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