Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Drives and Short Stops

Went on a quick jaunt over the mountains, through the high desert, through the winter wheat fields to Spokane. 

Watched Samuel Page become an Esquire.  He has only the "bar" to jump over and then he is off to work on his life as a lawyer. 

Gonzaga does it right.  Lots of good speakers, some  nice bag pipes and a president that looked a bit like Dracula but then maybe that was what he was going for with a bunch of new lawyer wannabes as his main audience.

Mary-E was able to catch up with a couple of her friends. One friend graduated, another will be there next year.  Spent some time with Father Housman.  He took us on as a special project during her transplant.  He some memory issues but eventually makes the connection and then becomes totally present for us.  He had a stroke 5 years ago and taught himself to walk and talk and all the rest.  He will be a good guy for her to have around.  He walked us out and then began to walk like a bat out of hell.  I think ME nailed it when she said, he taught himself how to walk and is like a toddler, he has one speed.

It was a good way to begin to grasp the real possibility of returning her to school.  She is willing to leave the Children's Hospital bubble and feel better about it.  Little connections to what she knows and remembers.  Leaving happened so fast.  Hopefully re-entry will happen with a bit more control and organization.

We have been on the world's longest road trip.  Time for it to come to an end.  Tires are good. Oil has been changed. Car will be washed.  Three months.  We will do the trip again and when we do it will be to end Cancer Part II.  Need to figure out something spectacular to celebrate, other then a Blizzard at Dairy Queen in CleElum.

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