Friday, May 10, 2013

Sometimes little bits of good news is great news but sometimes it makes you very sad.

A trip to SCCA happened today. Lots of news.  Most good.  No complaints should be had. 
Kidney's Happy

Weight down
Liver better
Triglycerides almost normal  (658 at one point)
Cholesterol almost normal
More vaccines can be done
Magnesium NORMAL!!!!

Good Good Good.

But new cells are still too feisty.  No more prednison taper for two months. 

Long term, its okay.  Lots to celebrate. Lots to look forward too. We know the plan, we know how this works.

She is so compliant, she does everything they tell her to do. She knows she should be happy. She is making progress but it just does not seem like it.

In her mind, she needs to be off prednisone and into the cute Lucky Jeans she tried on a couple of weeks ago.  She has had several people not recognize her because of her cheeks.  She also had the experience of the tall skinny salesgirl be rude to her at Nordstroms.  When Mary-E asked if they carried any 18s in the dress department she was snide and told her no and sent her upstairs to the old fat lady department.

Lots of tears of disappointment flowed last night.  She was so so sad. In her mind she was going back to college this fall with no visable signs of what has transpired.  

Sometimes the tears need to flow. She keeps those tears so so close to her heart so much of the time.  Sometimes she can't be a trooper, a sport, an inspiration.  She just has to be a sad child who had cancer twice in before she turned 20. 

Tears are healing and help release toxins.  They need to flow and help the heart have a some room to beat freely.

Time to pack the car for a short road trip to Spokane....

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