Monday, May 06, 2013

Major Distractions.

Amazing how filled up the calendar can become if you are not paying attention.

I planned to visit mom sometime the month of May.  Seems like a good plan. 4 classes on Monday only, Only one really big appointment on the 9th.  Oh yes, there is the visit from Brother David and his kids, Sam's Graduation in Spokane on one week-end, some subbing...  Oops, the whole month is gone. 

So on the spur of the moment, I headed to Eugene for a few days.  Some laundry, some kitchen cleaning, some cooking some Doctors and facility visitation, the amputation of Mia's tail.  I am home. 

Mom found a place that she really likes, the dog is on great drugs as she adjusts to being a hamster dog.  Mom is getting a new hip at the end of the month.  Life is nothing, if not interesting. Belle has kicked me off the Wisconsin to Albuquerque cross country drive.  I will be helping mom recover and going to school.

Mary-Elizabeth stayed home and finished her philosophy of human nature paper.  I just read it.  My daughter is a theistic existentialist.  I will put her paper up sometime soon after it has been turned in to the teacher.

I may have to again read all the books she is reading like I did when she was in middle and high school.  I don't think Nietzsche and JK Rowlings are on the same level.

Off to school for class 6, 4 more to go.  It is going to be a busy crazy summer.

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