Sunday, May 26, 2013

Off to help the other Book End

Mom is having a total hip next week.  She will be fine because she always does well, for the most part.

I am leaving in a few hours to spend some serious time there. Not only is Mom having a hip replaced but she is moving to the Country Club..... Oh it is pretty spiffy.  Should be a good move for her.

So in order to do all of that I really have to do some house stuff. Make my garden easy to water. Figure out what to take, finish all the laundry.  Take the right stuff and not just stuff.  What do I really need.  Trying to fit into three maybe for bags.  Shoes, cloths, electronic and needlepoint and the "other bag".  The bag of just stuff.  Extra tooth brush, the deodorant I may have not packed, socks, more shoes, a book I have not read.  The weird things that seem to like to go along, odd hairbrush, some shampoo in case I did not pack one.  You know, the extra for the unorganized and non list making person. 

I am having a hard time going to Eugene.  It seems hard this time.  I also have the pull of my yard.  I love my back yard and it's quietness.  I really learned to love it during Cancer Part I.  Mary-E had a number of camps and trips planned that summer and she was able to participate in most.  I had several points of solitude.  I would sit in the back and just be.  Just be with the terror and anxiety.  It must be sort of a magic place because it always made me feel better about things.  Just having a special place to sit and process and chat with God and the universe is great.  

I look around and realized how many angels and Marys and Buddhas and things are tucked into the back yard.  It is a chapel.  A quiet place to think and to ponder and to complain and to deal with life during times we feel lost and alone and scared.

My silence over the next month will be from lack of good Internet, not big scary issues. We tried to get DSL up and running at the Eugene house but failed. They did offer us a two year plan but we said "ARe you kidding me, it is a college town.  Even Elmira has DSL!!!" and hung up in disgust.

I will be stealing wireless when possible.

Enjoy June.

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