Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Days are just full of Surprises.

Wednesday..... Clinics
Wednesday..... Search for much needed cloths that fit given the prednison is not going away anytime soon.
Wednesday...... Waxing to counter-act certain unpleasant side affects of certain drugs.
Wednesday..... The nice guy a Verizon, Ignacio took my then dead phone and charged it while we did some other things.
Wednesday.....Invite to Golden Gardens to gather with Ruby's family and friends from high school.  Cudo's to Nathan Hale for awarding Ruby her diploma and presenting it to her parents and for the crowd for giving them a standing ovation.
Wednesday......Lovely skies for the Golden Gardens event.  Not clear blue sky, or dark foreboding sky, but a bit of both with a few rays of sunshine. 

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