Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mikkelborg, Broz, Wells and Fryer

So yesterday about 4:00 PM the phone’s went dead.  The office closed for the last time.   Mikkelborg, Broz, Wells, and Fryer is gone. 

It was hard to see Mr. Wells packing his files.  Mr. Fryer was cleaning out his files.  Both were preparing to move to their new homes.  Mr. Fryer is going to a new office.  Mr. Wells is “Of Council” in Vickie’s new office.  There was a frantic bunch of activity but a melancholy also prevailed.  Everyone was trying to put a good face on the decision to dissolve the firm.

I was there to retrieve my personal files from the computer that had been mine.  (Mary-Elizabeth} had to do most of it.  Since I had been gone since Mary-Elizabeth’s relapse it felt other worldly.  These were the people I had worked with for 11 years.  It was odd to see them as they were leaving the office for the last time. I said some goodbyes, some see you laters, some farewells, and some good lucks.

It was a good reminder that of how the world has moved on. New directions, new relationships, new…… new.

My cousin Susan said it best.  When a door closes another will open, but it really is difficult when you are stuck in the hallway between the doors.

Time will tell.

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Paul Schliep said...

When we left the Central Coast of California to move back to Orange County to be near my aging mother-in-law we knew it was the right choice. But after 16 years as pastor of a great little church we hated to leave. It's true that God opened a door, but we're still adjusting to this new season after 6 years. Transitions are hard and hallways can be long.