Friday, September 20, 2013

Back on Land

The beauty of going on a ship is that for a couple of days after you are off, the ship stays with you.  Deep in your inner being.  You can feel the gentle ever present rocking.  If you close your eyes and just sit you can be back on the ship. PCS, Post Cruise Syndrome.

So I sit, look out my window and inspect what has happened during my time away. Really nothing.  Not much. Not enough to worry about.  Eyes closed.  More gentle swaying, the sort of sway we use to settle a crying baby.  Back, and forth.

Being away is a lesson in how much our trying to control the world does not work.  It is not possible.  The world keeps ticking as we step back to give it the test. 

I met some really fun and interesting people.  Watched a man be taken off the ship late at night on a helicopter, ate lovely food and marveled at how the expertise of the Chef in food recycling.  I had duck one night and it showed up in the gumbo the next night. 

But what I really did was have time to sit and stare at the ocean.  I am always amazed at how vast and grand the ocean can be.  It really puts lots into perspective. In the grand scheme of things, we are so so minuscule.  so insignificant yet such a grand thing.  I have to spend time at the ocean more.  I am going to work at spending some more time at the ocean, or the water.  More time at the beach.  Salt water.  A good thing.

Well  I am going to rock a bit more. Walk my dogs, pick up a few things, do a load of laundry.  In that order.

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