Sunday, September 08, 2013

Guliany, part Two

January 12, 2013

 yes mine is Aml and its relaps after 6 months : / i'm sending photos of me to you

before and after :))



that one is just 2 days ago the relaps , taken at the marriage ceromony.. during the cure i was gettin fat and fat :/ 


don't take anything they don't give you.  Even the most simple supplement can cause problems with the medication.  Mary-Elizabeth had ALL and then relapsed after 5 years so that is why she had to have a bone marrow transplant. 


I will scan the documents and try and send them later today.  I am pretty certain that you will find we have the same sort of lists of stuff to eat and not eat. 


It is hard at first but there are no other choices.  If you have  AML you get a transplant. 

Sorry you have fungus.  It makes the doctors crazy.   It takes along time to get rid of it.  Sleep is your best friend.  Your body heals when you sleep.

 January 25,
Wondering how you are doing, knowing it is tough.  Yesterday was the first anniversary of Mary-E's transplant. Her cells have been in her body for one year.  Wish they were happier.  We are hoping they will settle down.  She has GVHD but you will face that later.  A little is a good thing.  Many miles and days and weeks but please know, it goes by quickly.  Keep at it.  


January 27 

happy b'day!!  ❤❤ 🎂🎂❤❤

i hope her b'day was perfect, u wrote that u do something special.. how it was?

i answered late cause it's not going easy... today is the +9 and i have fever
they re using steroids for stop the fever..
alsa i have a throat problem there is a wound so i cant swallow anything even if my own saliva...
vomiting is an other problem.. so tired.. so tired.. i dont know what to do..

, 2013


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