Sunday, September 22, 2013

The child has a cold.

She is hunkered down. Lots of soup.  A new inhaler and spacer ($50.00), lots of help from John Carden with Grocery shopping medicine pick-ups.  Now we wait.  Does it pass, does it become a hurricane, does it miss her and become a tropical storm.  We wait.

She is stronger and further out.  Her prednisone is dropping and she really has another life to get on with... (Two prepositions, bad Sally.) It is going to be fine.

Woke up this morning to big wind. I am sure the Cascades will protect my daughter .  I am going to church and light a bunch of candles.  Maybe God and the saints will protect my daughter.  I am planting 300 daffodils today, maybe Dad will protect my daughter. 

Pearl Anne and Ellie Mae... they need to make sure they protect her.  Go Girls.

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