Friday, September 13, 2013

Yesterday and Being Far Away From Spokane.

It all turned out just fine.  Simple blood draw, swollen leg, ultra sound, no blood clot.

Seems simple now, but the amount of emotional sediment it dredged up would concern anyone.  It built over time, and clouded the world.  A grade 14 sand storm.  Not just a little bit but a lot.

I tried really hard to not get upset.  I kept busy, I followed the progress of the process. I stayed close to the phone for the results.  It was nothing, it was a small swollen leg.  A hot weather Sirulimus side effect sort of swollen leg.  SHE IS FINE.

No amount of ice cream helped. No amount of Mad Men helped. (I did wear pearls today with jeans.) It just kept roiling and finally I sat down, and just let it batter me around. 

Every little stupid things can become a Tsunami.  I really nasty, blow the world away Tsunami.  Okay.  This is not one of those situations.  It is simply not.  but......  I am realizing it will take me longer to trust the world again. 

But it is not all that bad.  Housekeeper Friday.  Plans are all ready for my retreat.  I am going to indulge my love of the ocean and water for a few days.  No dogs, no kids, no worries.  I am dropping the electronic wall and recharging my batteries.  I am going to build up some reserve. I thought I had some but boy did "Mom I have a swollen leg"  get me going.

I have to remember to breath a bit and maybe smile.  Last night we went to Dicks for a Sunday.   Margaret and Michelle and I went to "watch crazy people".  Warm night.  Thursday, no rain.  Guaranteed entertainment. We waited and watched and observed.  Old farts really really need to cut their hair.  Pants that hang to the ground are not cute on 35 year old guys.  No one looks good in sweats if they can be Santa without a pillow. 

Then it began to happen.  Bicyclist started to arrive.  One, then two then 12.  Pretty soon there were 50+.  Not your normal, anorexic tight pants, 27 ass flasher type.  These guys and a few women were all sizes, in dresses, drinking beer. I finally got out of the car and asked what was going on.  Margaret and Michelle hid in the car. 

Answer:  We ride bikes on Thursday nights.  Why? Because we like to ride and it is a great thing to do.  Every night we have a different route and a different goal.  Tonight we are going to as many Dick's as we can in 4 hours.
This is our 3rd.  We are probably going to go to Lake City, already been to Capital Hill, Wallingford and now Ballard.  Sometimes we do Pubs or parks or museums.  It's something we like to do.

Only in Seattle. 

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