Monday, September 09, 2013

The Process Continues.

February 4, 2013
Sun is shining.  Sending you sunshine....
Hope it helps. You will make it through this..... You really really will.
today's picture comes from a really great river in Idaho.  I was born here.

Dear Sally, i love the place where you were born. Fantastic! 

Doc. said that they saw young neutrofils..  today:
wbc: 0,1
neu: 0,05

but i still vomiting and cant eat anything.. thats the reason why i'm so tired.. and my colour is changing.. getting dark and dark.. :( i'm very ugly now, i cant recognize myself in the mirror.. :(

this is my mum, i love her.. all my war is just for her, i cant even think that she will cry..
February 5, 2013 Day 17


Day 18/19 February 6

When those baby cells grow up they do a great job.  They are already working on making you better.  Did you name your cell?  We had Ellie Mae and Pearl Ann.  Pearl Ann was the winner.  You have made some very important steps... try a bit of drinking every day...just a sip.  Loved the picture of your mom. This is a needlepoint I am workin on. There are six, they are called creation.  I thought I would be done by her first BMT birthday.  I think creation took much longer.  This is number 3.
We need your mailing address, I have something for you.
Love Sally and Mary-Elizabeth.
this handmade is wonderful, it seems very difficult to make it.
i didn't give a name :( but i can :)
you wrote that "Pearl Ann was the winner". winner of what? i coudn't get.
i feel better today but my baby cells still not moving.. doc said that: engraftment can take 40 days.. it is so long :( i hope as soon as possible they start to work on my body..
you wanna mail address but there is nobody at home now :( if it wont be problem i can send it
here is my best friends cats :))) they are so funny 😊😊

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