February 10, 2013
Okay, you are engrafting, I can tell because you are eating.  When you see the doctor again, ask him what your Monocite numbers are.. They are a kind of white blood cell that they can count before they can count the neutrophils. 
So I have seen lots of different kinds of results of a double cord blood.  I think a lot depends on who healthy you were before relapse.  I love your picture and can see that you looked great and I am sure felt great. 
One young man still has both sets of cells in his body.  Both engrafted.  They were going to do another transplant but decided to wait and see.  He has gone home and seems to be doing fine for now. 
Some have engrafted really fast but did not live a year becasue they were so sick before the transplant. 
I have not seen anyone where they did not engraft.  42 days is the number they used to use when people were only given one unit of cord blood instead of two.  They have not done very many of these transplants in Seattle. We were number 60.  But they are very sucessful. 
Hang in there. Eat, Drink and maybe when you are done, you can start a company that makes the good infused water.  
If you send me the hospital address, we will use that...
Take care sweetie