Friday, September 13, 2013

Early March for our Turkish friend.

Let me know when it gets there.  Hope you are doing okay... If I recall M-E had trouble with the BK virus for a couple of weeks.  Hope your numbers are coming along.... About this time M-E was receiving two and three bags of platelets a day.  It was not a great time.
Feel better or know you will feel better.
of course i'm gonna let you know that.
finally no blood and no pain, as you said they gave me 2 bags of plattelet every day. but now i'm ok. cure for bk virus is still continue, it takes 4 weeks. but my numbers are increasing white blood cells 0,67 and neutrophils 0,16 
i'm exuviating, especially my face.. some parts are light some part are dark.. i love M-E's photo she is really beautiful, does she look like you? and i like your dog but i'm a cat person :)
my doc also give me a immunglobulin every week 35 gr. because i'm 70 kg :) i know it is nearly 1400 usd (for 10 gr) in turkey,  thanks to god, government paying

this is my snow-woman :) last year when i was in remission i made it in my own houses balcony :)
this winter is passing in my hospital room.. but the spring gonna be fine..

Love the snow man.  I bet it snows there more than here...  Short note, I have to go do somethings today but I am glad you are better.... The skin gets better.  Good cream and oil no lotion..... that is the trick.

i'm not neutropenic anymore :) and the Mc test results: engraftment is %80-%90 okey..
 but i dont know that is that have to be %100 ? is %80 - %90 a good rate? i'm excited.. 
still have Bk virus :( and vomiting.. maybe when this problems end they let me go to home :)  it has been 2 months that i'm here.. 

So glad.  When we did go home we had to be at the clinic many many times a week.  You should ask them what the other % is if not new cells from your donor.  You will get to 100% at some point. I did mail the letter last week so let me know when or if it arrives....
Hang in there.  the more you walk, the more you drink the more you eat the faster you escape the hospital!!! Good Job

nothing arrived yet :( 
rest of the cells are my own cells, so is this bad ? 

They want you to be 100% your donor. .... I will ask what they do.... in those situation. 
Something will arrive soon, I hope.


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