Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gulenay's 24th day of Transplant

February 12
hi again,
today is the 24th day of transplant, i feel better, some of medicines stopped.. but there is still no news about engraftment.. and there is no sign about GVHD.. the docs said that GVHD grade 1 is good, but no sign on me.. i'm afraid that all the things can be in vain.. my skin is very bad, especilly my face is very very dry.. i'm using creams but still dry.. 
how is life in Seattle? what are you doing in a day? you have any more children? 

my name and surname: 
Gulenay Elmaci

address of hospital:
Erciyes Universitesi Sahinur Dedeman Kit Hastanesi  Kat:2  Talas / Kayseri 
zip code: 38039

probably the man who bring the cargo can't enter the service because nobody can come inside (hgyen and desenfection is very important) so maybe you should tell them they can give the pack nurses instead of me :) 


this is the Erciyes mountain, one of the highest mountain of the Turkey nearly 4 km high and it is here i mean in Kayseri. i can see it from my room in nights  -because morning time jalouise is always closed for protecting me from the day light-
of course seaview would be better but this is also not bad ;)
loves.. ❤
February 15
so what are your numbers.  Reds, Platelets and Neutrophils... No GVH showed up for awhile with Mary-Elizabeth. YOur dry skin might be part of it. Lots and lots of cream...... and then some more cream.  And then you have to put on more cream.
We will start with a card.... make it simple. 
Mary-Elizabeth is my only child.  I was a lawyer but took some time off and have decided to do some work in another area of employment law. 
When I think of it, none of the cord blood kids had GVH in the hospital.  It took awhile for it to show up.  The docs love it. 
Mary-E had signs of white blood cells on day 18 for the first time.  I think it took a couple more weeks for her to have 2500 neutrophils two days in a row which is the real definition of engraftment.
Hang in there... Love the mountain picture...
February 15, 2013
hi there, 
thats the blood count


there is a problem now, thats the reason why i coudnt write you.. i have pain and pain.. A virus appear, name is "BK Virus" now we re struggle with it :(

did you hear anythng about this virus?

i'm so unhappy and painful :.(


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