Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sometimes things just don't change but then that is good???

Lulu Ysarua Martinez witching hour as the nurses call it started at 3:30 for whatever reason that's when it begins didn't crash but scared the ba geezuz out of the staff...current situation lung xray at 5 am showed no improvement and pupils still full dilated and unresponsive will update when I can it's just hard because of all the stuff going on...we as a family are tired and mentally drained but we are hoping for a miraculous day....go lu!!!

No real change. No improvement. But then things are not worse.

"Not Worse" is sometimes the best it gets.  There is often lots of discussion about the extraordinary efforts made to save a person. Lots of docs doing making lots of heroic decisions. But how do you not do it with a young previously healthy person. 

My dad was afraid the medical system would geta hold of him and would and he would not be able to make them stop.  This is not that situation.  

Those of us in Cancer World are lucky to have the resources we have.  The care and treatment for our kids at the Cancer Centers is frankly impressive and amazing. The technology, the training, the resources we have to help our children needs to be applauded. 

So today is a waiting day.  I hope it become a healing day.


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