Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fault is in our Star? or how did it come to this....

WE all choose the movies we want to watch.  There is a certain number of movies that fall into "have" to watch.  Then there are the "I can't stand to watch" group. 

I have always been an avid yet timid in my choices.  I went to see the Exorcist when it first came out but I read the book first.  I saw Jurassic Park, again only after seeing the book.  I have seen 2001 a Space Odyssey a couple of times and made Bill Nary watch it.  He complained that it last 2001 years. I have never seen Schindler's List not The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  Several movies have gone unseen because of all the violence.  Just can't do it. 

Only way I can make it through Game of Thrones is that I have read and loved the books and know when the horse heart eating scene is coming. 

So, huge new movie based on a book about pediatric/young adult cancer kids being in love and dying.  Not sure I can do it.  Several of my friends think it could be cathartic.  The old "this is not your life but someone elss's"   I know it is make believe and the cancer is sort of weird and not very accurate.  Especially about the Sarcoma kid.  I know who dies in the end.  

I just can't quite bring myself to watch it. Now my friend Darlis has read it, Jai has seen it. Tracy told me not to read it. I have this urge to take myself off to a theater by myself with a box of Kleenex but maybe later.   

I already know kids die of cancer do I need to it.... 

Maybe on a day I feel less effected by it all.  Meb is fighting a pretty nasty cold and feeling lousy.  I will use it as an excuse to stay close and fight the urge to pay to see sadness. 

Anyway I just finished a bread making class at an Italian restaurant and I need to track down .00 flour.  Not sure what it is but it makes the best Pizza Dough. They I need a baking stone and something called a couche? and then I need a dough cutting knife and then I need....

Maybe I should just go to the movie and buy the bread.  This is Ciabatta bread.  Means slipper in Italian.  It is supposed to have holes in it and they are called eyes...  More the better.  Who knew?

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