Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lulu Update

Oh, a million of hearts are breaking. Lulu's mom has been sharing what is going on.  I think that even though we don't know each other personally, we know each other as Cancer Mom's.  I have never had to watch or do what she and her family are doing but it is something that feels so close and so personal and is so real. Again these kids are so fragile. 

When your child is first diagnosed you are given some rules.  Lots of them you can break.  Not taking a child to the hospital with a fever is the one that will get you into so so much trouble. 

Hoping for a good night. Knowing the Universe is a powerful and mighty thing.  Still, from my little corner of the world, this is heart breaking... heavy sighs... deep dark place of sadness. 

Here is the latest information. 

Lulu Ysarua Martinez is on 100 percent life support now being taken for a ct scan due to both pupils fully dilated checking for bleeding on brain due to crashing this am and being without oxygen no improvement on lungs. ...oh my beautiful lulu mommy needs you to stay strong I need you to fight like hell...stay strong the doctors are doing everthing they can I need to see those brown eyes I need to hear you say mommy...hold on I'm begging you....

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