Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Multiple Uses for Weird Things in Our lives.

I find things that have one purpose and often they morph into something else.  Something completely not related.  Take the china mug for instance. 

Somehow over the years, my mom has come to want her coffee hot.  She does not want it to be microwaved if possible. She wants it hot. She wants it piping and strong and so she has it that way.   Thus the saga of the China Mug.  Not pottery, but china.   Bone China. Best possible quality.   She is so certain as to what she wants, she leaves a couple of mugs at our house.  She travels with her mugs and she looks for them always. 

China Mugs are part of the Wishing Rock Project bags.  May seem silly, such an item to be tucked in a bag with other much more practical things.  Trust me, it is hard to have a hot cup of anything at Seattle Children's.  The mugs are a symbol of trying hard to hold on to something civilized during a very difficult and de-humanizing time in every one's life. 

Teresa has been given a cup of tea in the front hall of New Waterford General Hospital. The head nursing sister was the first to come across her. If it had been that nice young intern from away, the hysterical woman would have been given a shot in the vein instead of a cup of tea. The head nurse, however, has noticed whether they drink the tea or not, the mere act of reaching out to receive something that must not be spilled seems to have a profoundly calming effect on all but the downright insane." Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie Macdonald 

The Mug is so much more. So much more. But then many things are. 

I was working in my kitchen and it was time to run the my salt cellar through the dishwasher.  I decided to figure out what it was.  I have used it for years.  I found it at Goodwill and it is a cool piece.  I just never could figure out what it was.  Well I have been using a container used to stain slides.  The wire to lift the insert out is missing. 
So now I am wondering what has been in this thing!!!!  I have used it for years.  How just creepy and scary is that!!!!!.  Is it contaminated with some horrible stained disease?  Have I made people sick?  It is too late now?

Just some of the questions I have. Just a few of many many that run through my brain every day.  

Okay.  Time to go wash the mugs for the bags to be delivered this week for Wishing Rock and to double wash the Salt Cellar. 

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