Friday, June 06, 2014

Hoping our Lasts.... stick this time.

The last dose of Chemo,
The last round of Radiation,
The last Scan,
The last meeting with the Oncologist,

Everyone is very tuned into the lasts.  The first start out in such a shock cloaked whirl of activity, "Last" seems hard to imagine.

We did all the lasts and then we did the big Palisades Party and the Lake Union Party.  We celebrated like the best of them.  The we did the rest of high school and summer camps and summer jobs, and summer vacations and did what we expected to do... Go on with our lives. We had ports removed and we had appointments that allowed such things as normal  dental appointments.  

We took it to heart.  Then...... Out of the blue, when Cancer had been forgotten.  We did it again and it was so so much worse.  We don't even know how much worse it has been because we are not done yet. 

Every time we celebrate the many good results, the ends of ..... fill in the blank.  There is a part of me that says a special prayer.  

Dear Universe:  I know I am a lawyer and we are ones that love endless appeals.  We do believe there are "no answers, just arguments", but in this case, make this be done.  Make this battle with cancer the last and only such battle in the life of this child.

We are headed this summer to many lasts.  I really am not interested in doing any of this again! We all have too much other stuff to do. 

Here's to a bunch of firsts....  Still looking for the cowboy that should have come with my slicker....

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