Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quiet... sometimes it can be good?

I won't stop posting until Lulu is out of the woods.  It's that sort of "hanging in there" no matter how long or how hard the process.  

We have such a short attention span.  145 minute movies are often deemed "overly long".  Harry Potter is the longest book most kids have read, ever.  We like short, packaged things.  100 calorie brain bursts. 

Cancer is not like that.  It takes a long time to find, it takes a long time to fight, and it takes an even longer time to ever, ever forget.  Oh, that was a silly question.  No forgetting is possible.  It is just another series of events that are seared in your brain.   A Pearl Harbor, John F. Kennedy, 9-11 sort of moment. 

It has been my experience that no news is not a good thing.  It is easy to write about good news, it is hard to write about bad.  For reasons I don't understand, there is a need to package the bad news in such a way as to ease the blow.  Always be positive.  Always figure out something good to say about a situation.  Mad is acceptable, sad is not.  

I promise to post when I have news about Lulu, until then, keep the candles burning.  

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