Friday, June 27, 2014


Lulu s DOING good...Ventilator DOWN To 30 percent lungs still have goo but she is doing majority of work. ..her pancreas is enlarged and her number is high so checking her for pancreantitis fever is down and so is blood pressure...if she continues to do good they are talking about taking her off ventilator next week....our prayers are heard and being answered...thank you... thank you...thank you all for your love and support.our girl is amazing and strong and healing...from the icu ‪#‎lulustrong‬

Thus reports her mom..... Long road to recover
from this blip on the way to a transplant. 

I will continue to follow this family and continue to update. Seems things are good for now.  While it seems to be "if it's not one thing it is another" but then anyone that knows anyone in Cancer World knows that is the case. 

The think about Childhood Cancer is the resilience of the children and their bodies.  They have "new" parts and over the years the doctors have learned they push much harder and have good success. 

I remember when Meb had a conversation with a Breast Cancer survivor.  The woman asked Meb about her port.  She shared with Meb that she had had 6 rounds of chemo therapy.   My lovely daughter commiserated with her and then when she spoke to me said:  "Mom, I didn't tell her how many I had had."  Even at age 13, she knew the difference. 

So here is to Lulu and her struggle.  

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