Thursday, June 19, 2014

We all know the Waiting and Not knowing is the worst.

There is so much about the human body we don't understand but lots we do.  We are fragile. We are tough. We have lots of back up systems.  If something is not working right we keep on trying to work it out one way or another.  

Sort of like Meb's weird lung stuff.  They found something in her lungs at her two year follow-up.  25% drop in her lung capacity.  She had not noticed because she was just breathing faster.  She is stable but her body seems to have compensated.  Kind of like her big blood clot in her Jugular Vein when she was first diagnosed.  Her body had established new side vessels to get around the clot.  Who knew ?  The body is a magical thing. 

Who knows how things will turn out for Lulu, her family is there letting her know they are waiting. While unstated, I am sure they are so afraid and worried and anxious.  I do know all of this is a process.  Getting better or not, is not something dramatic or earth shattering.  It is gradual. It sometimes starts with just a twitch or a voluntary movement. 

Lulu's sister is waiting for the sign she is coming back.  Hoping something will let every one know there is healing beginning to happen.   

Lulu is still the same...kidneys now are not working and pupils still blown and unresponsive they did a eeg to check for seizures but she is not having any...they have stopped her sedatives to see if they can get any type of response. ....her sister Payton  has been holding her hand for hours in hopes to feel movement...she misses talking to her sister and this picture says it all....please lulu...give us a sign

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