Friday, June 20, 2014

Sometimes it only takes ONE

They talk about the power of one.  One person taking a stand, one person making a positive step in the right direction.  One prayer, one gleam

 of hope.  One. Two are better but then we can all wait for the next one to come along. 

So Lulu has one.  A single white blood cell.  Now it probably means more but as a Cancer Mom, one it enough.  The bone marrow is back working and making the ONE of the right kind. 

There is sign of life buried in the tubes and beeps and whistles. 

Lulu Ysarua Martinez pupils reacted to the light...eeg showing movement it's slow but better then yesterday...all sedatives are off..kidneys are struggling but putting out...xrays showed a little improvement on lungs and we have 1 white blood said she is still very sick but these are all good signs...she hears the prayers and is feeling everyone's love.. we read your posts and comments to her ...she is fighting...she is fighting... she is fighting....come on lulu shine on through..

ONE, sometimes it all we need. One small step. One small movement. One..... step towards a very very very long recovery.

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