Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm Stuck....

In a weird difficult and not the most healthy way.  I feel like there is collar around my neck and if I get too far away, I am yanked back.  I reach to the edges of the universe only to be snapped back in with great force.  

I push Meb out as far as she can go and she seems better at free floating than I am.  So, every single day, I try something to free myself from the deep gooey morass of Cancer World.   

List of things to do.  Then one appointment with the Kidney Doctor and I loose my ability to finish the simplest of tasks.  Going to try again.  
Stuff in places it should not be. No apparent reason, waiting for more analysis.  Possible way to help the kidneys be smarter, waiting for the end of Prednison and Siriolimus.  Best medication also lowers blood pressure so they don't really want to give it to her at this point.  Child would be a slug.

So More waiting.  

I am going to do some laundry, my mom is coming to visit and will be going to see Cher with Mary-Elizabeth. Should be a fun week-end. 

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