Friday, June 20, 2014

Hoping Status Quo is a good thing...

Meb is still working on getting better.  I am watching a very difficult recovery, even though it is a cold.  Like last time, it takes extra time for her to get better. 

Considering how much Lulu has been through, high fever, strep, full lungs, collapsed lungs, blown pupils, unhappy kidneys.  It is hard to know how her recover will transpire.   Very very slowly I am sure.  

Hoping today is a day of explosive ANC activity.

Lulu is still the same....pupils are responding but no body movement....her baby sister Rylee  and Payton have been by her side today...they have been talking and joking and crying out to their sister to give them a sign a flicker anything to show them she is there. This was hard to watch and hear...sisters fight...sisters bicker...sisters irritate the crap out of each was humbling...sisters begging for their sister to survive to fight to live another day to go shopping.. fishing...and to braid their hair...they are here lulu waiting for you. ..give them a flicker...

 for lots of rest and some stability for Ms. Lulu.  

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