Sunday, June 08, 2014

One less Portrait of Dorian Gray is in the upstairs room.

Someone really really special left very very early.  I mean, lets be honest, when I first met him, 54 would have felt ancient. Now it feels young. Kirk never aged.  We knew there was a portrait somewhere!

Kirk Hadley, or Captain Kirk to many, made a quick exit.  He died.   He just up and died.  I don't know much but I do know he will be missed.  Not that everyone won't be missed but I will miss him and feel the loss for a long long time. 
He smiled, he questioned, he cried.  He was a whole person.  He was someone you could not see for years, maybe decades and then slip back in to the same easy place in your relationship. He was my friend and I loved him. 

In early May I was questioning the wisdom of taking a trip with my daughter across the country.  Cons:  No visible means of support, ancient car (with good tires), family members upset that I was not working.  All the grown up reasons we don't do things.  It did not make sense to drive 5600 miles on a whim.  

I received my call from Lori and then  I knew.  I could meet a sudden end or Mary-E could relapse again or have a stroke or a pulmonary embolism or be on a college campus and have some gun toting maniac come shooting.  

Pros: Time, I had time.  Mary-Elizabeth had time.  

Not everyone has time. Time is precious. Time is not to be taken for granted.  We all assumed Kirk had time.  More time. Lots more time.  His time ran out.  He doesn't get to see his grandchildren. He does not get to play another round of golf. He does not get to see his son's continue to grow into fine young men. He does not get to have his mom's pot roast.  

Time, not money, or jobs, or new cars.  Time is the defining factor.  Time is painfully limited but seems infinite.  

Time with someone is limited.
Time without someone is infinite. 

Capt Kirk.  You will be greatly missed.  You were loved and appreciated and valued.  

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